The 3rd Agrite Q2012 still on go

2012-03-15 - The 3rd Agrite Q2012 still on go

Dr. Khaled Ibnelwaleed our manager & represnter at the exhibition met many responsible persons from the Qatar Enviornmen ministry which is the sponser of the exhibition on top of the list he met The Enviornment Minister himself Dr. Faleh Ben Naser Al Thany


Also Dr. Khaled Met Both

Mr. Mohamed Salem Hussien Al bakry Agricultural pest control official in Qatar Ministry of  Environment

Mr. Mohamed Al sayed Gasem Ahmed Al mohandy Head of Agricultural Affairs centers in Qatar Ministry Of Enviornment

 Omani Ministry of Agricultue was represnted at the exhibition by Eng.  Saleh bin Mohammed bin Saleh Al ebry

 General manger at the General Directorate of Agriculture & livestock Ministry of Agriculture, the Interior region, Oman